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Wind farm Project – Aarsleff Grundbau GmbH


The municipality of Nortorf in Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany is getting some of the most powerful wind turbines worldwide which will supply more than 10,000 households with electricity in the future. Aarsleff was commissioned with the foundation for the new wind farm. In total, they piled 102 pieces of 40×40 center piles with their Junttan PMx28 pile driving rig that was chosen for the project. The length of the piles was 23 m with the top piles being 17 m with a high degree of reinforcement: 16Ø20.

“When it comes to wind power, we were able to make optimal use of our many years of experience to become part of the project. Wind power has been with us since the very beginning.” says Bahne Jeß, Sales Manager of Aarsleff Ground Engineering.

A particular challenge with this deep foundation was the difficult soil conditions of the Wilster Marsh, where the piles had to penetrate a soft, watery layer of clay.

“Junttan is one of the best machines we can use for our work here at AARSLEFF. For the project at windfarm Nortorf it was important to use a Junttan PMx28 because we used 40×40 piles.” adds Bahne Jeß, Sales Manager of Aarsleff Ground Engineering.


Nortof, Germany
Main Client:
Siemens Gamesa
Piling Contractor:
Aarsleff Grundbau GmbH
40×40 mm 17m / 23m
Junttan PMx28
Construction period:
January 2022

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