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Junttan USA Mid-Year Highlights: Growth and Expanding Offering


First, we would like to thank all our partners and customers for Your continued support. And a special thanks to everyone who visited us at the successful IFCEE show and SuperPile!

As we reach the year’s midpoint, we’re excited to share some fantastic highlights from Junttan USA. It has been a good year, with a strong market and a thriving rental business that continues to flourish, helping us introduce Junttan equipment to new customers who often transition from rental clients to proud owners. This growth underscores the value and reliability of our equipment and services.

At the beginning of this year, we sold our first flagship HHx hydraulic impact hammer (HHx300 & 20xCU package) to the US Walsh Group. Overall, the hammer business is expanding, particularly with free-hanging setups, long-boot flying leaders, leader systems, and marine applications. Our modern hydraulic hammers offer numerous advantages over conventional diesel hammers, driving this growth.

Another highlight of the year is the introduction of our first Junttan Vibro VH50vm to the US market through a rental project. This advanced variable moment technology is increasingly required by departments of transportation and urban locations, where foundation work needs to be performed next to existing structures. The VH50vm’s capabilities align perfectly with these requirements and meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Our Junttan USA rental fleet now includes PM rigs and HHK hammers with leader systems. We are excited to continue expanding this state-of-the-art fleet, further solidifying our position as a partner in every foundation project need and enhancing our customers’ efficiency and outcomes.

Later this year, we are eagerly anticipating the introduction of something new and exciting from Junttan. This upcoming innovation promises to set new standards and further our mission of providing cutting-edge solutions to our customers. Stay tuned for more details, as we are confident this will be a game-changer for the whole industry.

Due to the increased demand for our services, Junttan USA is expanding. We are hiring service mechanics and field service mechanics to join our team. This is a fantastic opportunity for skilled professionals to join a dynamic and growing company. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact our local USA team for more information.

As we continue to expand our customer base, we are committed to building a stronger foundation for the future together.

Best regards,
The Junttan USA Team


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