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Are you aiming higher with your production efficiency and safety at work? The Junttan Network provides training services to help both the operators and administrators to get the best out of your equipment. With competent people using the machines, the fleet performs better and lasts longer with high total profitability.

Why choose Junttan trainings?

  • Don’t compromise on safety: equipment damage resulting from operating mistakes is expensive, and you cannot even put a price on serious personal injuries
  • Reduce expensive downtime and increase the utilisation rate of your equipment by making sure it is used and serviced like it was designed to be
  • Trained staff is a sign to your customers that the equipment is operated and maintained in a professional manner

Mapping your needs

A free review of your challenges and goals to determine the tailored solution for your needs

Training program

We create a recommended training program to support you in achieving your goals

Training session

Our specialists conduct the session. The location is determined based on your needs and to keep it cost efficient

Work safely & efficiently

Junttan Trainings demonstrate to your customers your commitment to safe and effective operations

Training examples

  • Commissioning Training for new equipmentOperator
  • Training for new operators
  • Preventive Maintenance Training for operators and service technicians
  • Diagnostics Training for service technicians
  • Safety Training
  • Junttan Life Online & PMO2 Training
  • Work method optimisation on site

For a quote or further information, please contact:

service [at] junttan.com

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