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A solid history

Junttan Oy has over 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing the industry’s leading piling equipment. The roots of Junttan reach back to the 1960s to a Finnish foundation company called Savon Varvi. Junttan Oy was founded in 1976 by Pentti Heinonen and the first hydraulic piling rig was built in 1979.

Benchmarks by the decade


  • Junttan founded in 1976
  • The first hydraulic piling rig built in 1979


  • The famous Junttan PM20 model range launched in 1983
  • The first Junttan rig deliveries outside of Finland in 1984
  • Export started to Sweden and Denmark in 1984
  • The first deep stabilization rig launched in 1988


  • New HHK A series of hydraulic hammers launched in 1993
  • The first heavy-duty rig PM26-40 launched in 1996
  • Junttan becomes Europe’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic pile driving rigs


  • A new Junttan factory opened in 2000
  • The new HHK S hydraulic hammer range launched in 2001
  • New drilling rig platform launched in 2005
  • Junttan became a part of PiloMac group in 2006
  • Launching Junttan’s biggest hydraulic hammer HHK25S in 2007
  • Manufacturing the 1000th hydraulic hammer in 2007
  • Manufacturing the 500th piling rig in 2008
  • Moving into new production facilities in 2008


  • The Brotherus family became the majority shareholder of Junttan Oy in 2010
  • Launching the new PMx pile driving rig series and SHARK hydraulic hammer concept in 2010
  • Acquiring the ExcaDrill rock drilling business unit from Pilomac Oy in 2010
  • Acquiring component manufacturing unit from Komas Oy in 2012
  • The 40th anniversary of Junttan in 2016


  • Launching the world’s first fully battery-powered electric pile driving rig, PMx2e, in 2021.
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