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Your global partner for deep foundation analysis

Junttan is continuing with its strategy to evolve from a mere equipment manufacturer to become a global service partner. With the expanding services in deep foundation analysis Junttan is striving to become a one-stop service partner who is available throughout every step of their customer’s projects.

Using our well-known sense for innovation, Junttan is combining traditional approaches with new technology to offer globally remote measurements for deep foundation analysis. Our approaches offer a flexible and professional solution for every situation.

Deep foundation analysis.


Deep foundation analysis.

How our services will benefit your project

Junttan’s certified DFA team’s priority is to help you finish your project in a fast and productive way. Junttan is offering to help with your project planning as well as various remote measurements. Our products can be placed permanently in your location or can be ordered spontaneously.

By using our remote services, you are able to improve the schedule and safety factors of your project. We ensure that you will use the right equipment for every task. You can operate in a more flexible matter less depending on the schedules of external parties. Additionally, there is no need for external personnel on the construction site, meaning no additional safety training and lowering the chance of accidents.

In addition to our remote services we are offering our services to be conducted onsite. We are offering several services to you help you succeed with your projects and daily operations.


Deep Foundation Analysis Services

Deep foundation analysis.

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