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High-quality piling includes dynamic testing

Junttan’s dynamic load testing is offering a fast and easy solution for your deep foundation work. No matter if remote or local testing, Junttan will provide you with the necessary expertise and support.

Since 2019 Junttan has been tackling the innovation vacuum in dynamic load testing. Our main assets are next-generation remote technologies, a strong team and a drive to move forward. Already during the development phase of our proprietary solution we’ve been able to successfully serve a significant number of European customers.


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To further drive affordability and flexibility, during the summer months of 2021, see the launch of our 2nd generation solution. Soon available for a wider audience, Junttan Remote Dynamic Testing combines our patent-pending software and hardware with industry-proven devices from Pile Dynamics, Inc.

Our vision is radical ease-of-use and affordability driving a broader adoption of dynamic load testing.

We offer different rental models suitable for every situation. Our equipment can be rented monthly or weekly, offering a versatile solution for your need. The equipment will be send our within 24 hours after the request.

Contact us to find out more about our service and how to get started.

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Junttan’s signal matching service provides you with a peace of mind even in the most difficult conditions.

Signal Matching (CAPWAP) is the analysis method that provides the most accurate results when measuring pile capacities for deep foundations.

Using the data collected by the dynamic load testing (PDA) we simulate the existing soil and pile conditions to create a precise result for the capacities and forces in your deep foundation

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