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Dynamic load testing (PDA measurements)

Dynamic load tests also known as PDA measurements are fast and reliable way to acquire information regarding piles geotechnical capacity and integrity.

Based on PDA measurements a site-specific end of drive criteria can be determined for the equipment used to install piles. In addition, the measurements provide information about hammer performance and stresses induced to the pile from driving.


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Junttan pile measurements

Junttan performs PDA measurements, both on-site and remotely. All our measurement specialists are trained by the equipment manufacturer, and they demonstrate their expertise as required by the Finnish piling instruction 2016 (“Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test”)

Thus, our customers can be sure that the measurements and reporting are done in accordance with the priciples of ISO EN22477-4 (2018) and the Finnish Transport Agency’s instruction 31/2016.

Remote measurements are the most flexible and efficient way to take measurements. When ordering the service for the first time, Junttan’s measurement expert will deliver the equipment to the jobsite and quides you in the correct use of the equipment.

Our clients can have the PDA measurement equipment for rent on a monthly or weekly basis. Renting the equipment for a weekly basis our logistic partner will deliver the equipment to your requested location.

If needed Junttan also performs signal matching analyses (CAPWAP analyses) for PDA-measurements.

After dynamic load test, the static component of the total resistance should be determined more precisely by signal matching. Especially when the Case Method based estimation of static resistance is sensitive to the Case damping factor used.

It is recommended that the signal matching should be always conducted for friction piles, where component of dynamic resistance is typically more significant. Also based on CAPWAP analysis, the distribution of the static resistance between pile shaft and toe can be better evaluated.

More information and inquiries:

Teemu Repo, Leading Specialist
tel. +358 50 438 7200
email. teemu.repo [at] junttan.com

Sami Kirsilä, Head of DFA Services
tel. +358 40 087 1482
email. sami.kirsila [at] junttan.com

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