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Side Auger Kit


Hard-packed and compact topsoil present significant obstacles and risks for efficient piling jobs and even the piling machine itself. Dense fields of driven piles may cause the ground to shift and pose a threat to damaging existing/surrounding structures. Also, longer piles may pose a threat to the integrity of the pile and strain needlessly the piling machine. To solve these issues Junttan presents the side auger kits. High-quality and robust extensions for the functionality of the base machine which are cost-effective tools for levelling up the capability of your piling machine.


  • Higher production output when piling to harder packed and compact soil
  • Lower risk of breaking the piles
  • Less strain and longer service life for components of hammer and machine
  • Less noise
  • Less ground vibration (important especially in residential areas
  • Protects surrounding structures by avoiding ground shifting
  • Cost-effective way to add a drilling capability for a base machine


  • Rotary head with guides to a leader
  • Winch (BB5/BB6) to a leader
    (excl. PM23)
  • Wire rope and pulley system
  • Hydraulic and electric modules
    for operating the auger

    AUGER JD1,5

    • Max torque 14,6 kNm
    • Available for all machines
    • Ø 350mm max auger head size (appr.)


    • Max torque 32,5 kNm
    • Available for all machines (excl. PM16 & PM23)
    • Ø 500mm max auger head size (appr.)

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