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Junttan’s GRLWEAP analysis provides you with a competitive advantage when bidding for a project. Based on the soil report, Junttan creates a detailed analysis of the expected driving times and capacities.

The software used by our team is able to precisely predict many parameters such as pile capacities, blow count and stresses in the pile, by simulating the soil conditions and used equipment. Our analysis can help preventing too high stresses in the pile by adjusting the drop height. Pile geotechnical bearing capacity and driving stresses should always be confirmed during the actual driving (i.e. with dynamic load tests).

We can help you to avoid excess left over piles. By creating a soil model we are able to find the needed penetration depth. This will help you to select a suitable length for your piles and lower the project costs.

Our analysis will help you to choose the right equipment and optimize your results.


Choose the right equipment

Clear schedule and driving times

Optimized drop height

Piling equipment optimization

For the GRLWEAP analysis, we need the ground survey documents, as well as the target depth or the target capacity of the piles.

Based on this information, we can make the following estimations:

  • The time / number of blows required to install the pile
  • Tensile and compressive stresses generated in the pile during installation
  • Estimation of the pile’s geotechnical durability and / or preliminary end of drive criteria
  • Hammer suitable for pile installation

GRLWEAP analyse:

  • Done before project planning and bidding begins
  • Providing clear results for production and drive times
  • Helping with being successful when choosing the right equipment, pile lengths and driving times
  • Providing piece of mind, knowing Junttan prepared the GRLWEAP


Junttan hydraulic impact hammer pier new york HHKS series Wave Equation Analysis (WEAP).

Why Choose Us?

  • Fixed Fee Assurance: No hidden costs. Enjoy our Drivability Analysis Service with complete transparency on pricing.
  • Streamlined Process: Provide us with your equipment details, soil investigation data (SPT, CPT in Excel/raw format), and pile information (dimensions, target length, etc) to get started.
  • Swift Response: We are committed to responding within 24 hours, so you can move forward with you project without delay.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your project management. Contact us now to get started!

More information and inquiries:

Sami Kirsilä, Head of DFA Services
tel. +358 400 871482
email. sami.kirsila [at] junttan.com

Teemu Repo, Leading specialist
tel. +358 50 438 7200
email. teemu.repo [at] junttan.com

Amine Bourahli, Sales Manager
tel. +358 50 339 3843
email. amine.bourahli [at] junttan.com


Wave Equation Analysis (WEAP).
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