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The value of information is growing by the day, but in some cases information can be hard to reach. With Junttan digital service: Junttan Life Online and Junttan Remote Connection, you can access all of the vital data from one website. Rig operators and the service crew can access all the needed documentation and add maintenance events to the Junttan Digital Service history. Office personnel can preplan the worksites, monitor the status of the equipment remotely and after the piling, report the needed information easily.

Benefits of Junttan digital services?

  • Easy access from one website: Junttan Life Online >>
  • Information is available 24/7/365 without any hold-ups
  • Previously unseen data can now be monitored and analysed remotely on equipment with the Junttan Remote Connection
  • Services are constantly developed and extended based on customer needs


Buy your digital service solution from your local Junttan dealer or Junttan factory


Register your account and provide information about your Junttan fleet for best possible experience

Use efficiently

To make the most of the digital services use them as part of your daily processes and make your life effortless

Make your ideas count

Take your operations even further by being part of the Junttan development team on our Life Online forums

Examples of Junttan life online services

  • Junttan Piling Management Office 2 (PMO2)
    • > Planning and reporting of piling process
  • Junttan Fleet Management
    • > Remote Fleet Monitoring
    • > Digital Documentation
    • > Junttan Digital Service History
  • Junttan Knowledge Base
  • Junttan Forums

For a quote or further information, please contact: service [at] junttan.com

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