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Drop Hammer Kit


Drop hammer kit for PDA measuring. Easy and fast to install when performing PDA measuring. The drop hammer can be installed either on the hammer frame or directly on the hammer rope. There are two available block sizes 600×600 with 5-7 ton weight and 750×750 with 8-12 ton weight.


  • Easy and fast to use for pda measuring available
    with weights of 5-12 ton
  • Separate control box
  •  Applicable to all Junttan rigs
  • Removable and adjustable guide claws


  • Hammer block
  • Lifting device
  • Guide Claws
  • Pile helmets
  • Controls


    • Drop block size 5-7 ton, 600×600
    • Drop block size 8-12 ton, 750×750
    • Suitable for all leader profiles
    • Additional pile helmets
    •  Suitable for all Junttan rigs

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