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The new generation steep inclination piling rig

Junttan PMx26 is unique in its capabilities. Setting up a new era in piling machines, the rig drives up to 12m piles that reach up to 1:3 inclination sideways and forward while reaching 1:2.5 backward. As usual in every case, this rig was designed and inspired by our clients in order to reach beyond success.

Average working weight:82 000 kg (180 800 lb)

Leader capacity:20 000 kg (44 000 lb)

Optimal hammer size:6/8 tons (13 000-18 000 lb)

Max pile length:24 m (78 ft)

Junttan pile driving rig PMx26.
  • Winch capacity, hammer: 20 000 kg (44 000 lb)
  • Winch capacity, pile: 12 000 kg (26 500 lb)
  • Engine power: 321 kW (430 hp)
  • Engine type: Cummins L9 Stage V 321 kW
  • Undercarriage, length: 5 700 mm (225 in)
  • Undercarriage, width: (900-mm shoes) 3 200–4 700 mm (126–185 in)

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Standard features

  • Telescopic leader with 4 meter movement
  • Horizontal boom with 1,5 m movement
  • Rear support legs
  • Led working lights
  • FOPS testes safety cabin with air conditioning

Available options and accessories

Upper carriage:

Under carriage:

Measuring and remote access:


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