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Traditional heavy duty rig

The Junttan PM25H is the heavy duty family member of the PM rigs. The PM25H is now available also with the latest Tier4F/Stage V engine, which ensures a greater fuel economy and greener power. This rig is used for heavier jobsites ensuring a bigger leader capacity of 20 000 kg, bigger winches leading to a considerable Junttan hydraulic hammer up to 9 000 kg ram weight, bigger engine and undercarriage resulting an average working weight around 78 000 kg. All pile types can be driven up to 25 m ensuring unique handling and productivity along all your pile driving projects.

Average working weight:78 000 kg (172 000 lb)

Leader capacity:20 000 kg (44 000 lb)

Optimal hammer size:5/9 tons (11 000-15 000 lb)

Max pile length:25 m (82 ft)

  • Winch capacity, hammer: 16 500 kg (36 400 lb)
  • Winch capacity, pile: 10 000 kg (22 000 lb)
  • Engine power: 286 / 272 kW (384 / 365 hp)
  • Engine type: Cummins QSM11 Tier 3 / Stage IIIA / Cummins L9 Tier4F / Stage V
  • Undercarriage, length: 5 700 mm (225 in)
  • Undercarriage, width: (900-mm shoes) 3 380–4 880 mm (133–192 in)

Junttan PM25H is a medium to heavy weight piling rig designed for driving steel and concrete piles. The rig has excellent stability and wide leader inclination angles. The recommended ram hammer weight is from 5 000 to 10 000 kg and the maximum pile length is 25 meters (82 ft). The rig has proven productivity. The telescopic leader ensures easy and fast handling of piles. Top pile driving performance is guaranteed with Junttan hydraulic hammers. An optional side drill or vibrator hammer makes pile driving even more efficient in some soil conditions. With optional Junttan equipment, optimised working set-up of the rig can be easily achieved.

This Junttan piling rig has the all proven Junttan features. Its rugged design makes it a safe and reliable rig even in the most demanding working conditions. The self-erecting leader and many advanced technical features ensure that the rig is ready to work in just a few minutes. The ergonomic and safety tested cabin allows the driver to concentrate completely on his work. The expandable tracks and low centre of gravity make the rig exceptionally stable in different working situations. The horizontal movement of the leader ensures fast spotting of the pile. In spite of larger size the rig can be still easily transported to a new working site.


Transport dimensions

Minimum track width.

Standard PM25H transport dimensions with HHK 7A hammer.


Minimum track width.

Standard PM25H transport dimensions with HHK 7A hammer.

Junttan PM25H Datasheet (PDF)

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Standard features

  • Telescopic leader with 4 meter movement
  • Horizontal boom with 1,5 m movement
  • Rear support legs
  • Led working lights
  • FOPS testes safety cabin with air conditioning

Available options and accessories

Upper carriage:

Under carriage:

Measuring and remote access:


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