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Crosshole ultrasound monitoring measurements (CHUM) – Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL)

At Junttan DFA team expanded their service offering in 2022. Now Junttan is able to offer Crosshole ultrasound monitoring measurements to serve our clients more broadly.

Crosshole ultrasound monitoring also known as CHUM can be used to analyze the quality of concrete casting, for example in cast-in-situ or CFA applications. CHUM can be used in other casting applications where inspection pipes are installed during casting. According to our recommendation, the diameter of the pipes should be at least 50mm.

Junttan’s ultrasonic measurement is a safe and fast method for determining the integrity of piles.


Fast and reliable

Detects anomalies in the concrete

CAST-IN-SITU or CFA applications

Junttan Crosshole Sonic Logging

The quality of the concrete casting is examined by simultaneously lifting the measurement devices transmitter and the receiver up along the pre-installed inspection tubes.

By measuring the arrival time and amplitude of the ultrasound passing between the transmitters and the receiver, deviations in the concrete can be detected and the casting quality evaluated.

Unlike in the PIT/PET measurement which is based on the low strain method, ultrasound measurements are more accurate as a method, and deviations in the quality of the concrete can be noticed with the help of ultrasound.

Contact us and we will tell you more about our services and how our measurements can benefit your next project.

More information and inquiries:

Teemu Repo, Leading Specialist
tel. +358 50 438 7200
email. teemu.repo [at] junttan.com

Sami Kirsilä, Head of DFA Services
tel. +358 40 087 1482
email. sami.kirsila [at] junttan.com

Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL).
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