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Quick and safe solution to ensure your foundations integrity

Junttan offers the Pile Echo Testing (PET) also known as pile integrity testing now both on-site and remotely.

Junttan uses the Pile Echo Tester (PileTest), which allows Junttan to determine the integrity of the pile with unseen flexibility and availability.

The integrity measurement is based on the low strain method, where the top end of the pile is hit with a handheld hammer and the impact wave reflection is measured with an accelerometer at the top of the pile.

It’s recommended especially with longer piles, that the integrity measurements are conducted as soon as possible after installation. By doing so the shaft resistance that may develop on the pile does not yet dampen the shock wave strongly and the shock wave travels more reliably to the pile toe.


Quick and cost effective

Reliable results

Remotely and on-site

Junttan’s integrity  measurements

Since 2021 it has been possible to order remote pile integrity testing from Junttan. Integrity testing conducted remotely is the most cost effective and flexible way to have your piles integrity tested. Co-operating with Junttan measurement specialist and your own onsite personnel you are able to receive service like no other.

The measurement equipment is sent to your location through our logistic partner. After receiving the equipment our specialists are able to establish a connection to the equipment.

During the measurements, Junttan’s measurement specialists are constantly on the phone with the person using the measurement equipment at the jobsite, instructing him in the measurement of the pile. Through remote connection Junttan receives the signals efficiently for reporting.

Pile integrity measurement equipment is available for rent on any occasion and for every situation. Rental period can vary from a week to a month based on your needs and the equipment is ready to be shipped within a same day after confirmation.

Pile integrity testing remotely

Steps of the successfull remote measuremnet:

  • Call Junttan’s measurement specialist
  • Turn on the measurement device
  • Let the specialist know the following:
    • Pile number
    • Pile length
    • Location (block, area, etc.)
  • Clean the head of the pile from gravel / excess concrete
  • Place the sensor at the top of the pile according to the Junttan’s specialist instructions
  • Hit the pile with the provided handheld hammer
  • Go to the next pile and repeat
  • Receive the report even within 24 hours
Pile Integrity Testing (PET).

More information and inquiries:

Teemu Repo, Leading Specialist
tel. +358 50 438 7200
email. teemu.repo [at] junttan.com

Sami Kirsilä, Head of DFA Services
tel. +358 40 087 1482
email. sami.kirsila [at] junttan.com

Pile Integrity Testing (PET).
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