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Junttan Oy Quality Commitment

Line of Business: Designing, manufacturing, marketing, and service of hydraulic piling equipment.

Our objective is constant development and improvement of our products, services and operations regarding quality, environmental-friendliness, and sustainability.

We are committed to complying with all the regulations governing our operations and line of business and we develop our quality management system to meet the requirements of changing regulations.

We regularly survey our customers’ – both external and our subsidiaries – needs and satisfaction aiming at more profound understanding of our customers’ operations. We redesign our operations, in which customer satisfaction and experience are significant competitive factors for Junttan.

We invest in the future with the objective of quality and operational pioneering as well as maintaining our competitiveness.

We set quality objectives for our products, services and operations and monitor the implementation and outcome.

We train, guide and support our employees in their work and to achieve the set quality objectives.

We monitor the performance of our suppliers and strive to direct our procurement to companies that have a quality management system in place.

We perform internal audits and reviews at our sites by the requirements of the quality management system.


Kuopio, June 20th, 2022

Tommi Lehtonen

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