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Junttan piling product range

Whatever your piling need is, Junttan has what it takes to exceed the expectations. Our piling product range comprises the world’s leading pile driving rigs, multipurpose piling and drilling rigs, as well as hydraulic impact hammers, rotary heads and power packs. Providing uncontested ease of transport, excellent stability, quick and safe pile handling, precise inclinations and top piling performance, Junttan rigs and equipment are respected throughout the world for their quality, reliability and performance.

Looking for a professional pile driving equipment?

Pile driving rigs

The advanced technical performance and a full range of accessories are the core elements of every Junttan pile driving rig.

See our Pile driving rigs

Hydraulic impact hammers

Utilising industry-leading technology and know-how, the Junttan hydraulic impact hammers will make the most of available opportunities. Junttan supplies a full range of accessories for its piling rigs and hydraulic hammers.

See our Hydraulic impact hammers

Power packs

A Junttan Power pack is a compact yet powerful piece of equipment that helps you to get the most out of your hammer.

See our Power packs

Multipurpose drilling rigs

Junttan multipurpose drilling rigs are designed to operate in a wide variety of drilling work, able to install driven as well as different types of bored piles. Junttan drilling rigs are equipped with Junttan-designed rotary heads.

See our Multipurpose drilling rigs

Rotary heads

The advanced Junttan rotary heads provide reliable and efficient operations for various drilling technologies.

See our Rotary heads

Used and rental piling equipment

Sometimes, a project that requires a bit special kind of machinery may come your way. Perhaps you are on the verge of investing in a new machine, but still look for closing that big project.

See our Used and rental equipment

ExcaDrill attachments

ExcaDrill represents an absolutely new and innovative drilling concept. Excavator-mounted
Drilling Attachments.

See our ExcaDrill attachments

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