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By gaining a comprehensive understanding to achieve the evolving, ambitious goals of modern construction business, we have tested and developed our impact hammers to provide the best possible performance under all conditions. With Junttan intelligent solutions – not only optimized energy and high productivity is gained but also less noise, vibration and emissions are created than with conventional hammers. Our versatile selection of hydraulic piling equipment ensures that for every deep foundation and soil improvement project, the ideal solution can be found.

Hydraulic impact hammer used in harbour.


Junttan HHx hydraulic impact hammen structure image.

Structure and operating principle

Junttan’s solutions are ingeniously functional thanks to industry-leading technology and know-how and years of close co-operation with piling contractors.



Control the noise pollution

As a result of continuous development for a safer and more efficient solution to noise reduction demands, Junttan has improved structural solutions and accessories to significantly reduce noise pollution.


Junttan hydraulic impact hammer noice silencer image.


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