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Structure and operating principle

Junttan’s solution is ingeniously functional. Our close co-operation with piling contractors is evident through the functionality of our equipment and well-planned details. Being environmentally friendly is rarely associated with heavy construction, but we take it as a priority. The innovative drive cap design allows superb efficiency and low impact noise. All impact energy is concentrated to the center of the pile, allowing a measured efficiency ratio of more than 95% to be achieved.


RUGGED AND RELIABLE. Robust and simple frame design is the basis for a long working lifetime. Reduced vibration and noise levels are achieved through an innovative frame design. Optimized frame weight and balance guarantee high performance of the hammer.

HANG IT AS YOU WISH. Junttan hammers can also be crane suspended. Different accessories make crane suspension an easy process.

OPERATION IN FULL CONTROL. The ingenious hydraulic and electrical system design allows the impact energy, blow rate and frequency to be easily adjusted according to soil conditions and pile type.

STRONG BUT GENTLE. Accurate strokes and balanced hammer block acceleration prevent pile head damage and guarantee a long working lifetime of the hammer.

BLUE HAMMERS ARE GREEN. Hammers are equipped with shut-off valves which prevent oil leakages. Biodegradable oils can be used. All exhaust gas is filtered when Junttan power packs are used.

PENETRATION COUNTS. The relatively high mass of the ram and optimal impact velocity ensure maximum pile penetration.

NOT TIED TO ONE PARTNER. The clever mounting system enables the hammer to be used with different kinds of leaders.

HIGH VERSATILITY. Easy to connect with different hydraulic systems. The hammer can be operated by the rig’s hydraulic system or by separate power pack.

HAMMER CONTROL. User-friendly control unit to monitor and operate piling proces.

JOB ROTATION. A modular ram block and hammer frame allow the use of different sized ram weights with one hammer. This means that the hammer can  be used optimally for different jobs.

TIME IS MONEY. Fast coupling of the drive cap makes quick changes of the pile sleeve or hammer cushion possible.

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