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Spare Part and Service Containers


When something goes wrong, wouldn’t it be nice if you had the needed parts and tools available on site? Junttan provides on-site workshop and spare part containers to remote or long term worksite locations. These highly efficient and mobile 20”-container-based worksites provide all the technology, equipment and inventory needed for the most common maintenance and repair procedures.

Spare part and service container benefits


  • Saves money, time and trouble
  • Easy and safe storage of spare parts
  • Container content is carefully selected in cooperation with customer and Junttan network
  • Right parts needed on site
  • Easy to follow site inventory and order refill parts
  • Loss of parts is minimized
  • Supports using Junttan Preventive Maintenance program


  • Safe indoor work environment for small repairs
  • Right tools needed for maintenance and repairs
  • Allows normal services and repairs to be performed on-site
  • Best possible on site service solution when combined with spare part container
  • Each container is build based on customer needs to suit equipment and conditions of the operations


Contact your local Junttan professional if you want to make sure your next project goes smoothly


Junttan network provides you with a customized solution suited for your fleet and the worksite

Keep on piling

As you have the parts and tools available when you need them, you can concentrate on piling

Restock easily

It is easy to follow what is in stock and order refill from Junttan


For a quote or further information, please contact:

Sami Vartiainen, Spare Parts Manager
tel. +358 50 578 1036 (only for spare part orders and inquiries)
email. sami.vartiainen [at] junttan.com

or parts [at] junttan.com

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