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Right solution for every deep foundation project

Junttan multipurpose drilling rigs are designed for wide range of applications in deep foundation including Down-The-Hole (DTH), CFA, full displacement (FDP), driven cast-in situ (DCIS) and driven piling. Each model of rig, however, can be considered unique, with its own special features and characteristics, and designed in accordance with customer wishes and requirements. Along with other excellent features, Junttan multipurpose rigs are able to provide easy transportability from one job site to another, exceptional stability, operational safety, consideration of the environment, and above all, high productivity.

The new Junttan MPx series rigs have a completely new design and features which Junttan has developed in close co-operation with customers from different markets. Productivity and safety of operation have been key features in developing these new generation deep foundation machine.

Junttan multipurpose drilling rig at construction site.


Closer look at Junttan multipurpose drilling rig.

Piling applications

Every foundation engineering project has its own distinctive features, and depending on the type of soil, there are substantial differences in how the piling should be taken care of. With Junttan’s comprehensive experience and knowledge of a wide variety of piling applications, you can always count on getting the best possible solution for every deep foundation project.

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