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For a deeper impact in your project

Junttan’s deep foundation analysis can be used not only for piling projects. Our dynamic load testing equipment can also be used for deep impact testing.

In deep impact, or compaction testing, the soil is being compacted through a mechanical force. That force can be either a vibrator plate, a hydraulic hammer or a weight which is being dropped from several meters height.

The effect of the compaction is limited to the soil conditions and equipment used. By using our service you can be assured that the necessary target of compaction has been met. Our technology measures the de-acceleration on impact, which is allowing us to analyze the soil condition.



Precise measurement of settlement

No weight limitation

Possible for all soil conditions

Deep Impact Compaction is a ground improvement technique used for a long time. There are different solutions. Either the ground is compacted with a hydraulic hammer, or by a weight being dropped from several meters height.


The impact of the weight is compacting the soil to a great depth, making it safe to use and is protecting it from erosion and liquefaction.

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Our technology allows you to follow closely the impact of your drop weights. The sensors we are using are installed to the drop weight and will be triggered by the change in acceleration on impact.


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