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Junttan LifeCare


A Maintenance Solution built to maximize machine reliability, optimized to eradicate unplanned
downtime, and designed to take stress and uncertainty away from the machine owners.

Junttan LifeCare Service Agreements enable machine owners to fully utilize their fleet availability,
to fully focus on piling work without worrying about the condition of their machines.

Our dedicated professionals and network of trusted partners will take care of the scheduled maintenance
according to Junttan Preventive Maintenance Program.

The LifeCare service system maximizes operational safety, maintains machine value and functionality
without unplanned downtime.

The responsibility of the machine owner and LifeCare customer will be only with the daily and weekly
checks and maintenance measures. LifeCare, especially when coupled with LifeCare+ service will bring
the best return on machine investment over the machine life cycle.

Let’s make machine ownership easy for you; together we will get there.

Why choose Junttan LifeCare?

  • Top level machine productivity and efficiency
  • Controlled life cycle operating costs
  • Improved machine safety and quality
  • Minimized costly downtime
  • Extended machine life cycle
  • Higher machine resale value


Junttan LifeCare

  • Scheduled maintenance procedures in Junttan Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Original Junttan parts
  • High quality Junttan Service
  • Available up to 8 000 hours

Junttan LifeCare+

  • Extra protection layer to machine parts after factory warranty
  • Extended coverage for major parts
  • Available up to 6 000 hours
  • Helps to reduce costs

Junttan LifeCare++

  • Includes the consumables used in the equipment with all the lower-level LifeCare services
  • User of the equipment only takes care of refuelling or charging the machine and daily
    maintenance procedures
  • Lifecycle costs of maintaining the contract equipment are known in advance for up to 5 years
  • Available for all new Junttan equipment in a limited market area

READ MORE: Junttan LifeCare Brochure

For a quote or further information, please contact:

Sami Vartiainen, Manager of Service Agreements & Audits
sami.vartiainen [at] junttan.com
+358 50 578 1036

parts [at] junttan.com

or your local contact in Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, or the USA: junttan.com/contact-us

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