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Sustainability, safety, and digital solutions are the most significant and powerful forces to impact the construction industry and equipment manufacturing during the last decades. How to limit the emissions and how to recycle and optimize the use of scarce natural resources are the big questions and subjects that all branches of the construction industry are focusing on.

Safety on the worksites and in the production of building materials and construction equipment is another area where we have seen huge development during the last decades. Safety is no longer a proverb like “be safe out there” from supervisors at the construction site or factory. Safety is today base on the way to operate handbooks and the starting point for all design work. Thankfully technical development is giving us new and more sophisticated tools all the time and with these new tools, we are finding new and more effective ways to develop new materials and innovations to reduce emissions and to optimize our operations so that we are really able to work in a more sustainable way.

We are not only piling harder – but piling smarter

We are facing needs for development towards more sustainable future

Junttan is no different from other companies in the construction industry. We are facing the same requirements and needs for development towards a safer and more sustainable future. Thanks to our long history and North European way of thinking and optimizing our actions we have already come a long way and many of the hot topics in the global discussion have been adopted to our use a long time ago. There is still of course a lot we can do.

Building equipment for sustainable projects

Focus in Junttan’s product development is to take sustainability into account when designing new products and services. We continuously explore new solutions. One part of our sustainability steps forward is the world’s first fully electric pile driving rig, PMx2e, launched in 2021.

When we at Junttan set out to design more sustainable innovations, we understood that a new Junttan model needed to tick all the same boxes from the very beginning as its predecessors. That’s why we decided to combine the best of both worlds; tested and optimized Junttan hydraulics merged with modern batteries and electric motor technology. Built as the same reliable and strong Junttan rig, but this time having a modern electric soul. The same robust structure and unbeatable stability, but with no CO2 emissions as well as same working speed and reliability, but less consumed energy. Even more power but with less noise pollution. The eJunttan product line demonstrates Junttan’s commitment to helping our customers build a more sustainable future around the world.

Development of new sustainable products and services

Among building the world’s first electric pile driving rig, we have taken steps towards sustainable future a long time ago and are always developing ways to be more sustainable in the future. Our goal is to implement the already available sustainable products and services to a wider range of customers to help them in their own sustainability processes. Almost for a decade, all Junttan equipment has been delivered with a remote connection hardware and software that allows professionals from the factory to take contact with the equipment. Functions can be adjusted remotely leading less travel and visits to work sites. The Stage V engine technology with the latest Junttan Idle Stop system ensures highly economical and environmentally friendly operations when the motor automatically stops when it is not piling. Dynamic load testing is globally one of the most important quality assurance methods for piling. Simply put, dynamic load testing translates to safer foundations. Junttan J-Link, the next-generation remote testing solution, has been developed to further enhance the required dynamic load tests and to improve onsite flexibility and efficiency. And also, leading less travel and visits to work sites.

Respecting the environment – one of our core values since the beginning.

Please find our sustainability report below. In this report, we will explain what we have already done to improve sustainability and where our next goals are.


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