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Sustainability, safety, and digital solutions have been the most significant and powerful forces shaping the construction industry and equipment manufacturing in recent decades. Now, the key questions and concerns that all branches of the construction industry are focusing on are how to limit harmful emissions and how to recycle scarce natural resources and reduce their use.

Thankfully, technological development is leading to new and more sophisticated solutions to develop new materials, and innovations to reduce emissions and optimize our operations so that we really can work more sustainably.

Respecting the environment –
one of our core values since the beginning.


“Junttan is facing the same demands as other companies in the sector for development towards a safer and more sustainable future. Our history of more than 45 years in the business has taught us much, and our products have been ahead of the competition for decades. However, there is still a lot to be done. Over the last decade, our aim has shifted towards producing equipment with less fuel consumption, and last year we launched the world’s first electric pile driving rig. Our development will not stop there – plenty still needs to be done to reduce our environmental impact and towards the goal to be the most sustainable brand in the industry.”

Tommi Lehtonen, CEO, JUNTTAN OY


Development of new sustainable products and services

The focus of Junttan’s product development is to promote sustainability when designing new products and services. We continuously explore new solutions to this end. One important aspect in making our operations increasingly sustainable is the introduction of the world’s first fully battery-powered electric pile driving rig, which we launched in 2021.

This rig is as reliable and strong as every Junttan rig, but with a modern electric ‘soul’ and it is our first big step towards the green transition. It has the same robust structure and unbeatable stability but produces no fossil fuels. It also has the same working speed and reliability, but lower energy consumption – and has even more power but creates less noise pollution. The eJunttan product line demonstrates Junttan’s commitment to helping our customers build a more sustainable future around the world.

Remote solutions reduce travel

Amongst building the world’s first electric pile driving rig, we have taken steps towards a sustainable future for a long time and want to continue this development. Our goal is to make existing sustainable products and services available to a wider range of customers to help them make their own operations more sustainable.

For nearly a decade, all Junttan equipment is equipped with remote connection hardware and Lif software that allows factory professionals to connect to the equipment. Functions can be adjusted remotely, thereby reducing travel and site visits. Also, leading less travel and visits to work sites is guiding our actions in pile testing solutions. Dynamic load testing is globally one of the most important quality assurance methods for piling.

Stage V engine technology, with the latest Junttan Idle Stop system, ensures more economical and environmentally friendly operations when the motor automatically stops when not piling. This also results in fewer harmful emissions.

Choose Junttan - Choose Sustainable Future

Please find our sustainability review below. In this review, we will explain what we have already done to improve sustainability and where our next goals are.


Whistleblowing means everyone’s legal right to report wrongdoing, misconduct or unethical behavior that the whistleblower has detected or foresees to take place. At Junttan we have the anonymous Whistleblow channel available for our employees, customers and co-operative partners to leave a whistleblower notification. The report can be done in English, Finnish, Swedish and Dutch.

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