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Are you servicing your Junttan equipment by your own crew? No worries, we can help you to lower cost and make the whole process smoother.

Getting the needed part kits on time for service has never been as easy as it is now.
Machine maintenance can be time consuming for both large and small companies. When is service needed? Do I remember to follow hours and make plans and order needed parts on time? Junttan’s JunttanCare spare parts agreement for scheduled services makes all of these problems go away.

When you sign the JunttanCare spare parts contract, our crew will contact you 80 hours before maintenance. You will receive list of the needed service parts and the only thing you need to do, is confirm delivery address and service kit is on its way to you. Shipping of the JunttanCare agreement kits are always free from shipping costs*.
JunttanCare comes with the remote connection so the rig will be always connected to Junttan remote support center. Some of the technical issues can be solved hour based with the remote support. Fastest recovery from downtime.

If you need help with service, do not forget to ask Junttan service crew’s availability from your local Junttan service team.

* Free shipping cost apply to North-America, Europa and Australia.


    This is how it works

    1. Sign agreement on time of the new equipment purchase.
    2. Junttan follows contract equipment usage hours by the remote connection and sends service reminder and part list for the delivery address confirmation 80 hours before service hours are reach.
    3. Kit is sent well before need with free of change shipping*
    4. Everything is ready what comes to parts on time of the service. Service Is easy to do and equipment is back on production fast.

    JunttanCare benefits

    1. Ordering parts is as easy it can be.
    2. Service reminder from Junttan.
    3. Need of storing material is reduced. No lost products, no parts gone unusable condition.
    4. Freedom of choice, own service work or Junttan work*.
    5. Free online technical support helpdesk.
    6. Annual audit of the equipment.
    7. Remote connection and data transfer fee included.
    8. Once a week equipment condition check by the Junttan remote support center.

    For a quote or further information, please contact:

    parts [at] junttan.com

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