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Customers are an integral part of the Junttan R&D process. While broadening our view on the processes and operations, this interaction provides us with first-hand insight on the modern requirements of the construction industry. As we strive towards better, even more versatile and comprehensive piling solutions, we put special emphasis on the reliability and productivity of our products. Energy efficiency, usability, maintainability, and overall safety are elements in which we aim to make no compromises.

A setting for the best piling equipment in the world

The current Junttan factory began operations in 2008 – utilising the latest manufacturing technology and the industry’s leading knowledge. The environmental impact is kept as low as possible. Municipal district heating ensures there are no emissions, and special constructions protect the soil. Furthermore, no water is used in the production process.

The production facility utilises linear assembly that is based on cellular principles; while providing special dynamic efficiency, this also ensures optimal precision in controlling operations. Flexibility and versatility features have been added for improved turnaround time and utilisation rate.

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