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Junttan Life Online Unlock the full Potential with our Training Services


At Junttan, we are committed to helping you fully utilize our digital tools, Junttan Life Online. Our goal is to ensure you have all the tools and knowledge necessary to make the most of our platform, enhancing your operational efficiency and overall experience.

Why Junttan Life Online?

Our platform offers features and functionalities to help you move from “pen and paper” to digital. Pile planning allows you to send detailed pile plans directly to the rig, enabling the operator to simply select a pile and begin piling. Our pile reporting tools offer a variety of report templates, multiple end-of-driving options, and positioning data when a positioning system is installed. With Junttan Life Online monitoring tools, you can stay informed about your rig’s performance, and fleet management capabilities allow you to track all your rigs efficiently.

Tailored Training for your success

To help you get started or deepen your understanding, we offer tailored 101 training sessions. Whether you’re a new user or looking to expand your capabilities, our training sessions will provide you with the insights and skills needed to leverage all that Junttan Life Online has to offer.

Get in Touch with Our Experts

If you are interested in our training services or have any questions about Junttan Life Online, we encourage you to contact Sami Kirsilä, our Head of Professional Services.

Sami Kirsilä
Head of Professional Services, Junttan
sami.kirsila [at] junttan.com
+358 400 871 482

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