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Junttan PMx22 rigs on Wind Farm projects in Poland


Conway Piling ‘s daughter company Conway STF has been piling wind turbine foundations in Poland, at the Dolice and Dębowa Łąka Wind Farms. Located close to towns under the same names, Dolice WF is located close to Szczecin, North West and Dębowa Łąka Wind Farm is located west of Brodnica.

There were 12 turbines in Dębowa Łąka Wind Farm with driven precast piles foundations. 440pcs. of 40x40cm 10-21m long piles were to be installed in approx. 4 weeks starting March 2020. Conway’s STF scope of works included:

  • Preparation of full pile design,
  • manufacturing, transportation and driving of 5.600lm of piles,
  • pile testing including dynamic and static load tests, and
  • pile head trimming.

In Dolice Wind Farm, there are 19 turbines with also driven precast piles foundations. 594pcs. of 40x40cm 8-20m long piles are to be installed in approx. 6 weeks starting April 2020. Project including:

  • manufacturing, transportation and driving of 7.200lm of piles,
  • pile testing including dynamic load tests so far, and
  • pile head trimming.

For the pile driving, Conway has been using their Junttan PMx22 piling rigs. “The Junttan PMX22s are efficient, versatile and reliable piling machines getting the projects delivered to completion on time” – says Tomas Golinzak, Director of Operations Conway STF.

For more information on project, please contact: info (at) conwaypiling.ie

For further information on Junttan equipment, please contact: sales (at) junttan.com

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