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Junttan Group CEO Pasi Poranen heads for new challenges in June 2022


After eight years as CEO, Pasi Poranen is leaving Junttan in June 2022. He will start the next chapter of his career in a new role at a Finnish company Black Bruin Oy.

“I’m very thankful to the Brotherus family, all Junttan family members and the valued clients for my time as CEO at Junttan. Time has passed very quickly, and it’s been truly enjoyable to grow the company and grow myself as a person. Junttan is today a strong, international company with an excellent frontline, superb products, and impressive service. I’m handing Junttan over to my successor with a certainty that the company’s future will be very bright”, Pasi summarizes.

Pasi has made an exceptional contribution as CEO, leading Junttan Group determinedly to be the international company it is today. We are sad to see Pasi moving on yet wish him the best of success in his new role as CEO and partner at Black Bruin.

With Pasi as CEO, Junttan has grown from a Kuopio-centric manufacturing company to a customer- and frontline-oriented multinational brand. With seven subsidiaries, we are today present with our own sales and service functions in all our main markets. This development is highly valued by our customers and acts as a great foundation for continued growth.

Pasi has also integrated great new talent to the company. As a result of great shared efforts, we’ve further grown better at understanding our customers, successfully started electrification of our domain, have a uniquely strong technology pipeline and great service development.

Pasi’s successor will continue taking Junttan forward on the strong path we are on. The process for finding the right person has already started, and the Board remains committed to ensuring Junttan Group continues being managed and developed to the highest standards.

Ilkka Brotherus
Chairman of the Board

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