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Junttan Ab has gone through 3rd fully operational year which turned out to be busy and productive, and it´s been a true pleasure to work with all our magnificent customers.

Growth, Rental Business and Modern Ways of Work

We started the year with signing a service agreement with Aarsleff Grundläggning Ab. During the year we continued on our path to offer rental equipment for our Scandinavian customers, whereas the first rental deals were tied with Aarsleff Grundläggning Ab, Veidekke and SBJV I/S. In the background we have taken Junttan Ab to a whole new level in respect to more modern ways of working; we have reached a level where all our common administrative day to day tasks are handled with digital apps and our mobile phones.

We predict that the turnover for 2020 will land us in the whereabouts of a 50% increase from last year. Needless to say, none of this could have been achieved without the great customers and great support from the Junttan family across the Bothnia!

New Crew Members

Junttan Ab is looking forward to reinforce the team with new crew members, and provide even better service in 2021.

  • On 7th of December Jari Antero Koli picked up the Junttan banner and took employment with us as a service mechanic. Jari has a long history of field service work in the marine business and has worked many years for companies such as MacGregor and Metaloc.
  • On 4th January 2021 Thomas Palovaara will join forces with us as Operations Coordinator, and help us to tackle our day to day challenges. Thomas has a strong and lengthy background in hydraulics and has been working as a test rig development engineer for Volvo.

Ps. Despite both Jari and Thomas have a Finnish background neither of them speaks any Finnish 😀

  • In addition, on 11th January we will be temporarily accompanied by strong and handsome Miro Kärki from the Junttan Oy headquarter. Over a period of six months Miro will, among other things, support the Junttan Ab team on the field, in the workshop and with technical support.

Despite the Covid-19, we have indeed had the positive impact of having to embrace more modern and effective ways to collaborate within the organization and with our customers. Although, we hope that the New Year will let us meet again after long time apart!

We wish you a very Merry X-mas and Happy New Year from all at Junttan Ab!


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