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Have you been wondering what’s the fully battery powered Junttan would  feel like driving? Or how long the battery unit will last while piling? And what’s the biggest difference comparing to driving with a diesel Junttan? Glenn Brorsson who has been working for Aarsleff Ground Engineering AB, Sweden since 2011, tells you about driving with PMx2e, the world’s first electric pile driving rig.

How have you liked driving the new electric Junttan?
I like it as much as the last one I’ve driven, which was a Junttan PMx22, there is no difference between them except that you need to charge the battery-powered one.

What’s been the best feature(s)?
The PMx2e is more distinctive because it has an electric motor, there is better and more direct power compared to a diesel-powered one which needs some time sometimes to get full power.

What are the biggest differences compared to diesel machines from the driver’s point of view?
No major difference in terms of capacity, possibly you notice the power is slightly stronger. Otherwise no difference.

Is there something you dislike in driving with this electric PMx2e?
*thinks for a while* no, nothing I can think of spontaneously, nothing negative anyway.

What type and length of piles you’ve been piling with the electric rig?
I have installed most dimensions 200, 235, 270 cm up to 16 meters in length. On the projects I have worked on, 270 has been the largest dimension.

Does the one battery pack (unit) last for a whole day?
Yes, it depends a bit on the type of piling and whether it is more sluggish to drive. On the days when it’s been a little slower to drive the piles, we’ve charged the batteries during breaks and lunch and made it through a full workday (from 7 am to 7 pm).

How do you find changing the battery pack? Or charging the battery?
It’s very easy to change the battery, just unplug it and then use a wheel loader or the rig itself to fit the new battery. There was a bit of a hassle with charging the battery in the beginning, there were some restarts due to error codes, but that was the software and Junttan helped us troubleshoot that. But lately, it has been working fine.

Any other comments are welcome.
The battery pack could have been done with more protection, maybe a rubber frame, the connectors could have used some protection too. But otherwise, I find the working environment is much better and it is quiet when we are not piling and the machine is running it is completely silent and that is nice.

What Junttan machines you’ve driven earlier/are driving as well?
I have been operating the PMx22 in the past and occasionally a PM23.

For more information on the electric Junttan PMx2, please contact:

Ate Konkka, Sales Director, Junttan Oy
+358 50 578 1154

Photo: Aarsleff Ground Engineering Ab’s electric rig operator, Glenn Brorsson, is happy to be the first operator to pile with the world’s first fully battery powered pile driving rig.


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