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Skanska Infra praises agility of the Junttan PMx22 rig


New Junttan PMx22 rig capable to operate in limited work site space

Skanska Infra manages piling work at the Prisma retail chain extension site in Järvenpää, Finland. The Junttan machinery has been serving Skanska Infra successfully in the project.

Jyrki Nikkinen, the general superintendent of Skanska Infra lists a number of reasons for the success with Junttan machinery:

  • Fast pile set up with the telescopic leader
  • Stability of the rig, which can lift 16 tons into leader with full 360 degrees slewing
  • Powerful SHK hammer, which does piling work efficiently
  • Easy operation of rig with rear legs minimize track drive needs especially in narrow sites
  • Excellent piling accuracy resulting from the combination of an extended horizontal slide and good tilting capabilities of the leader

The Skanska Infra Oy site foreman Juha Porkka as well as the Skanska Infra operator of the new Junttan PMx22, Kari Ilkka agree with above facts. With the Junttan machinery Skanska Infra has been able to maintain the project plans.

The piling contract of Skanska Infra is part of the project managed by NCC Oy. Junttan PMx22 completes the work with precasted concrete and steel pipe piles. The PMx22 uses Junttan SHK5 hammer. The average pile length is 25-30 meters, which consist two pile element with one pile joint. Project’s total 10 000 linear meters were reached with PMx22 easily.

Want to know more details? Please contact: Kari Pöllänen, email: kari.pollanen@junttan.com, tel. +358 50 592 1883


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