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Shun Luen Construction Limited works with Junttan hammers in Hong Kong


Piling contractors must consider some special requirements when bidding for any Hong Kong driven pile projects. Some of the construction sites are as narrow as seven meters. In addition to this existing buildings are commonly straight on the edge of the plot to be constructed. Moving piling equipment to and in the site requires special arrangements. The builder also needs to calculate in the inclination of the land and the constraints set by the ground type.

Shun Luen Construction Limited, Hong Kong

Shun Luen Construction Limited, Hong Kong

Mr. C H Lee from Shun Luen Construction Limited states that some parts of Hong Kong building sites are tamed with 40 meters long piles whereas others require even 80-90 meters of piling. He points out that a piling constructor needs to calculate in the cost of the strict restriction of operation time in the city areas. On average the piling time sums up to three hours per day.

Shun Luen Construction Limited can pile in its project in Central Hong Kong between Monday and Saturday from 12.15 and 13.15 and 16.30-18.30. Manager C H Lee from Shun Luen emphasizes that this pushes him to arrange other work around these time slots. The required pile welding, which takes one and half to two hours, added with short painting work time is arranged so that as little as possible is lost in the piling time. He lists that with the Junttan hammers efficiency and reliability are the key benefits. He has experience of the competitors’ hammers, but prefers Junttan over the others.

Shuh Luen Construction Limited is a client of Robinsson Equipment, the official dealer of Junttan in Hong Kong. Together with Junttan Robinsson Equipment with its Hong Kong construction market experience helps customers to find the most efficient piling solutions for local customers.

Read more about Robinsson Equipment: http://www.robinsonequipment.com/

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