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An Aussie who knows Junttan Rigs Inside Out


A piling rig needs her companion, an operator, who knows her inside out. It is a rare breed. Those men and women, who devote their life to learning the tricks of a piling rig. A person, who is willing to operate his rig in the conditions ranging from boiling hot weather of Australia to freezing temperatures in Siberia.

From left: Ben Lewis and his Malaysian colleague from Keller ASEAN, Ansah with Mika Junkkila from Junttan

One of these individuals, who has dedicated time and passion to piling, is Ben Lewis, the Chief Mechanic and Plant Consultant of Keller ASEAN, Ansah. He has worked with the Junttan machinery for over 11 years. Starting from the Australian sites he has negotiated with a fleet of Junttan piling rigs to the RAPID project in Pengerang, Malaysia.

Ben likes Junttan rigs as they are very responsive for any modifications required on site. He started with Junttan rigs from a young age of 19. He has grown with them through both Australian and over-seas sites. May it be operating or servicing the rigs, working with staff of varying backgrounds or managing very challenging sites like one of his projects in Papua New Guinea, he knows the work arounds. His preference is to have a site, where only Junttan rigs are used.

Keller’s subsidiary Ansah Asia was awarded piling contracts for the $16bn RAPID project in Johor, Malaysia in June 2015. The total number of piles in the RAPID project is estimated to be around 70.000. The Pengerang site is the largest site for Junttan since the Australian Onshore LNG facility Wheatstone project of 23.000 piles.

Want to know more about Junttan in Asia? Please contact Asia Area Manager, Services Mika Junkkila, email: mika.junkkila@junttan.com or Asia Area Manager, Sales Jyri Niskanen, email: jyri.niskanen@junttan.com.

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