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SERVICE BULLETIN: Junttan Remote Connections and transition to 4G Networks


Dear Valued Customers,

We want to share some important updates with you regarding our Junttan Remote Connection (JRC) service and the global transition of 3G networks to 4G. Please review the key points below.

Junttan Remote Connections (JRC)
We would like to announce that many of our Junttan equipment is now equipped with JRC equipment. This enhancement has notably improved issue diagnosis and client satisfaction through efficient pile reporting via the Junttan Life Online portal. Operators utilizing the features can seamlessly upload piling data during work shifts, enhancing the effectiveness of the back-office workload. Since 2022 – 2023, Junttan has transitioned to a streamlined, subscription-based billing structure for JRC services. Monthly connection costs are covered by Junttan for the equipment under:

  • warranty,
  • rental agreements,
  • and service agreements.

Transition to 4G networks and 3G phase-out
A significant global transition is underway as 3G networks are phasing out. Effective April 1, 2024, only 4G and 5G networks will operate in the USA, with similar transitions occurring in Europe and elsewhere.
It’s worth noting that this transition may impact Junttan equipment, particularly in areas where 3G networks are being phased out.
As a solution for the 3G phase-out, Junttan offers a 4G upgrade kit to ensure continued connectivity and support functionalities. We strongly recommend purchasing the upgrade kit for your equipment to mitigate the challenges that might occur with inactive 3G networks.

For further details and for quotations, please contact your local Junttan representative and refer to this service bulletin.

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