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New Junttan high-performance Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) 


We now have available high-performance soil compaction with a 100% Junttan Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) solution. This excavator-integrated hydraulic hammer solution is a fast and efficient method for soil improvement projects.

Rapid Impact Compaction is a high-frequency, controlled energy compaction technique used to densify surface layers, mitigate liquefaction risks or improve the bearing capacity of specific soil types up to 9 meters with minimum impact on the job site environment.

Soil compaction is used to densify loose granular soils and loam fill and industrial brownfield sites for surface compaction, foundations, liquefaction mitigation, and waste stabilization. The solution is in high demand to improve the bearing and settlement characteristics of the top layers as the depth of influence coincides perfectly with a 3 by 3 footing.

How it is applied

The compaction foot installed to the Junttan hammer is placed on the marked location. After positioning the hammer, operated from the excavator cabin, is activated. Inside the frame, a drop weight is lifted to the predetermined height and dropped onto the compaction foot. The foot remains in contact with the ground while the drop weight repeats its sequence up to 100 blows/min. This process is repeated until the compaction criteria are met. The operator positions the hammer to the next marked location and repeats the process.

Choose Junttan RIC for unrivaled compaction performance

With its revolutionary technology, precision, versatile performance, and environmental consciousness, Junttan RIC is the ultimate impact compaction solution. Experience the future of soil compaction and elevate your construction projects to new heights. Contact us today to learn more about how Junttan solution can revolutionize your operations and drive your projects to success.

Michiel van Es, VP Sales & Operations, Junttan BV
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