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Junttan’s first purposebuilt piling rig reaches 30-year anniversary


Junttan’s first ten piling rigs were built on excavators during the period 1979-1983. The excavator based piling rig was and still is a compromise in many ways but it was rather efficient compared to the standards at the time. Compared to a purpose built piling rig, the excavator based rig had many operational restrictions in areas like pile handling, hydraulic output and stability, partly because of the dimensions of the machine and partly because of the basic structure. The transportation dimensions were quite large; the machine was tall and the tracks had to be wide to achieve adequate stability.

To eliminate these difficulties Junttan ended up building its first purposebuilt fully hydraulic piledriving rig, PM20. The new rig had a telescopic leader with side inclination cylinders that made it more stable than ever to accomplish the most demanding piling jobs. The PM20 had a hydraulic system that was optimized for the hammer and produced enough energy to run all the required functions simultaneously. This meant maximized working efficiency which was a huge upgrade to the excavator based rig. The new rig had hydraulically extendable tracks that brought a new level of stability to working conditions and also reduced the transportation width significantly. Another factor that minimized the transportation dimensions was the structure of the uppercarriage frame that was open from the middle. In addition to the telescopic leader, horizontal boom and a movable counterweight, the PM20 had pile arms that made pile handling easier and more efficient than ever. The purposebuilt rig didn’t need any other machines on the job; it could easily unload the piles, haul them and lift them securely up to the hammer with its telescopic leader and winches. As a final touch the ergonomics in the cabin were tested with wooden and cardboard mockups to make it unprecedentedly strong to protect the driver in accident situations.

The first PM20 was introduced in the fall of1983 after a production time of nine months. The buyer for this prototype was Mr. Armas Kallio, who was an independent contractor from southern Finland. He already had a Junttan no. 5 based on an excavator, which he had been very satisfied with.

Junttan started its export with the PM rigs and delivered the first ones to Denmark and Sweden as early as 1983. Today Junttan has manufactured over 700 PM rigs and they are now working in over 50 countries on all continents. In 2013, Junttan’s latest version of the PM20, the PMx20, has a basic structure that remains rather similar to its prototype from back in 1983. If you looked at a 30-year-old earth-moving machine in 1983, from a technical perspective – it would have been totally out of date, whereas if you now look at a 30- year-old Junttan PM piling rig you’ll notice that the difference compared to a modern machine is actually quite minor. The abbreviaton PM stands for Paalutuksen Mestari (in English Master of Piling) which quite justifiably describes the pioneer the PM20 was for the entire modern piledriving industry.

In 2010, Junttan introduced the X-series piledriving rigs, which offer all the unsurpassed features its legendary predecessor PM20 did. In addition, it provides great added value for overall rig operation and maintenance, making piledriving rig ownership much more convenient and profitable than ever before. Besides the upgraded features in mechanical structures, a completely renewed hydraulic system and an undercarriage that ensures high levels of stability and easy transportation, the PMx rigs also have a unique, purpose-built piling rig control system, the Junttan X control system, which controls all the vital rig functions,

Miia Moisanen 14.10.2013

and provides plenty of useful features for adjustments, operation, and maintenance. Thanks to the X-system, a Junttan rig is more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly than ever. Accompanied by the new Tier4- certified engine, the carbon footprint for driven pile foundations made by Junttan rigs is basically off the charts.

The first thoroughbred Junttan is still working on a daily basis in the Netherlands after 30 years of piling and with a meter showing over 40 000 operating hours. So is its brother #2 and beyond. When it comes down to determining the lifespan of Junttan’s machines, no one really knows, – they just keep on running.

Junttan Oy specializes in the design, manufacture, marketing and service of hydraulic piling equipment and excavator mounted rock drills. Junttan is one of the few independent manufacturers in its product range. Founded in 1976 and located in Kuopio, Finland, Junttan has been the leading company in its segment since inventing the concept of fully hydraulic PM20 pile driving rig.

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