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For us, at Junttan our main goal is, that our customers succeed in whatever project they are working on. To increase your profitability and to help your company grow, we offer a new way of using Junttan products: Junttan Rental & Leasing.

Nowadays a lot of construction companies choose rentals or leasing instead of CAPEX purchasing and the reasons are clear: Renting is a great way to keep your balance sheet lighter, increase your flexibility, keeping your fixed costs down, and above all, to have a modern and efficient machine for your current needs. Many Junttan customers have started to see the benefits of renting or leasing the machines in their everyday work, projects are more fast-paced and the demands for the equipment change in every project.

Junttan has actively developed its rental fleet and now the fleet is bigger than ever. We have a large selection of moderns rigs and also state-of-the-art hammers and power packs. And of course all the accessories you need. Our fleet is developed in close co-operation with our customers: in order to have the best solutions for our customers, we have to be close to our customers and to their projects.

We rent and lease our products all over the globe and are happy to offer you flexible rental and leasing solutions, whatever your needs may be.

For more information, go to: Junttan Rental & Leasing

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Tapio Christiansen, Head of Rental Business
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