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In Junttan Pty, SMC has had great success with their new HHx300 hammer, achieving loads they did not think were possible, through the hammer´s exceptional driving capability. We look forward to the project being a huge success later this year.

The commissioning for Wagstaff´s new MPx90 is going great thanks to the commitment of our Service Specialists Chris and Brett, after tough quarantine regulations in Brisbane, the Finish support team and a clever combination of VR goggles, cameras and live feed set-up to bring two parts of the world together. The team is on track to deliver a task that no one has delivered before!,  VR commissioning of Junttan´s largest machine, plus for Wagstaff Piling, Australia’s first client in the world to purchase two of these very capable units!

We are also excited to announce our second HHx300 in the country will commence working on some very important and large bridge projects in QLD, for their government. Designers and Engineers from several organizations in QLD are excited and keen to see and learn the capability of the HHx hammers.

The team in Pty, despite nearly 2 months of lockdown in Sydney, have performed exceptionally well, with Chris and Brett working in Brisbane, and regional Queensland for 6-8 weeks minimum, Suratno, Spare parts & Purchasing Manager, and Arteen, our National Manager, managing all the day to business with work, family etc during the lockdown, we really appreciate the passion and commitment to our clients and Junttan during these tough Covid times.

In the rest of APAC, also hard hit with Covid 19, our clients continue to find ways to look after their teams and their families, plus continue to seek new opportunities to buy Junttan products with numerous quotations in the region, for India, Japan, Korea etc.

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