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J-Link – Next-generation remote dynamic load testing


Since 2019 Junttan has been developing a next-generation remote system to further enhance the required dynamic load tests. The system brings dynamic load testing services to the client regardless of the location, maintaining the same reliability as traditional onsite measurements.

Using the next-generation remote system, clients can improve onsite flexibility and efficiency. To further drive the flexibility, the system has been developed to work as a standalone system regardless of the machine in use. This means that the equipment can be taken to any job site with ease since the system is delivered within a suitcase.

By having the possibility to have dynamic load testing carried out remotely, you no longer need to wait for someone to travel onsite, no more paying third-party travel expenses. Just book a session with our team, prepare the piles in advance, attach provided sensors and call our specialist. At Junttan, our Deep Foundation Analysis team is ready within a day´s notice to support you and your team in your next project. Become a part of next-generation dynamic load testing and take piling to the next level.

Check out from the video below, how Junttan is re-thinking deep foundation analysis!

For further information, please contact Sami Kirsilä at +358 40 0871 482, sami.kirsila [at] junttan.com.


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