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Precomprimidos tames Colombian soil with the Junttan machinery


Precomprimidos makes most out of the versatile Junttan rigs in the Colombian soil.

Junttan PM16 working for Precomprimidos in Puerto Carreño , Vichada – Colombia.

With the Junttan PM16 with HHK 4A with A-Type drive cap, Precomprimidos tames the tough soil in the Muelle sobre El Rio Orionoco dock project. The A-Type drive cap is a cap developed by Junttan that makes possible to use the same hammer to drive concrete piles and steel piles, just simply by changing the drive cap. In this project Junttan rig drives 45 steel piles of 16” of diameter, 26 m length. The jobsite is located in Puerto Carreño, Vichada, Colombia.

Another Precomprimidos project is taking place in Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia. This first stage of Proyecto Forest residential building project is done with Junttan PM20LC with HHK6A hammer.  A total number of 426 precast concrete piles with different diameter and lengths are driven with the HHK6A, also using the same hammer and changing the drive cap accordingly the diameter.

Junttan PM20 working for Precomprimidos in Rionegro, Antioquia – Colombia.

Precomprimidos states that with the Junttan solutions for driven piles the challenges of daily piling work is achieved with excellence, quality and safety.

Find out more from Junttan Sales Director/Latin America, Bruno Perez, bruno.perez@junttan.com

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