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Junttan Pty Ltd is now one year “young”, after the successfully establishing the Australian Pty team in 2019. These are exciting times despite the current global issues around the Covid-19 virus. The Australian and New Zealand governments are planning to stimulate their economies with a strong pipeline of infrastructure projects. Mining in Australia is still recovering “gang-busters” style, so further recovery in 2021 is expected.

Our team in Pty expect to create a lot of excitement around the new X series hammers with creative financing and strong focus on our current valued customers. The region is also experiencing great success with Wagstaff Piling´s recent successful completion of the MPx90’s first major contract. The future is bright, and we are extremely excited about Junttan’s new innovation to make our clients successful in the years to come.

More information on the Wagstaff Piling’s completed project coming soon!

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