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Junttan on the job: Container terminal


Junttan on the job: Container terminal

The joint venture between Strabag International GmbH and Archirodon Overseas S.A. is working on extending and strengthening the container terminal of Port Louis in Mauritius. The project’s construction value is in total 115 Million USD and the construction period is 09/2014-12/2016. The project is considered by the Mauritian Government as the ‘life line’ of the island being located in the Indian Ocean, approx. 3,000 km east of the coast of Africa with population of around 1.2 million people.
The piles driven in this project are O.D 1829mm and ¤ 1028mm tubular steel piles and sheet piles (combi-wall). The joint venture partners are using two Junttan hydraulic hammers to drive the piles, HHK 16/20S and HHK 14S. The customer is especially satisfied with the productivity of the Junttan hammers.

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