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Junttan MPx50 on a DTH drilling project in Umeå, Sweden


On November 2019 Junttan MPx50, a new member of Junttan MPx drilling rig family, was commissioned for KFS Finland. KFS Finland Oy is part of Keller Group, and operates in Scandinavia. Commissioning was executed in Umeå, Sweden, where KFS participate large ring road bridge project. Now the project is ongoing and they are drilling DTH piles of 610 diameter length up to 27 meters. The bridge foundations are done to caisson which is founded to pile group. Most of the piles are inclined 1:4.

KFS Finland’s crew has been extremely satisfied with their new DTH drilling rig and its efficiency and extremely good stability. In addition, the MPx50’s rotary head’s hydraulically assisted tilting properties for drill string loading enables more efficient and user friendly workflow. Junttan DTH drilling rigs are equipped with good inclination features, which were crucial also in this project. The KFS part of the project will be completed before Christmas.


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