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The Key Supplier Network Development Day 2017


The  second Development Day for the Junttan Key Suppliers was held 31st of August. Twenty six representatives of the suppliers were present. This year we had participants also from our R&D and design departments.

The themes for the Development Day was brought from our customer feedback. One of the main theme was to improve the quality of sheet metal structures and welding work, and the second theme was to shorten the lead-time in supply chain. Furthermore, the aim was to provide additional understanding to our suppliers that our customers are in the end also their customers.

The day included workshops, where participants were actively discussing and exchanging opinions. Also, solutions to existing challenges were discussed. As a result, a list of concrete actions was made for both, us and our suppliers, to improve the quality of Junttan equipment.

Thank you all for active participation and very productive day! We look forward to continue successful development work together with our Key Suppliers.

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