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Norway’s longest railway bridge is piled with Junttan hammers


Aarsleff was subcontracted to perform the piling works for the Minnevika railway bridge – the longest railway bridge in Norway. 

Now more than 60% of the piling is completed, and everything is going smoothly with good progress. For the piling Aarsleff has been using a Junttan HHK14S and a HHK18S piling hammers mounted on a Liebherr LRH600 with 51 meter leader. Senior Project Manager, Dennis Jensen, is very pleased with the Junttan hammers. “Hammers have performed well on this project” says Mr Jensen, “there has been no need of using a large HHK28S hammer at all, as originally was planned for the project”. Piling was started with the HHK18S hammer, and did inclinations up to 1:8. The HHK14S was changed to off-shore piling where some of the piles are with inclination 1:5.

The Minnevika railway bridge is located in Minnesund, Norway, and is a part of High Speed Rail Development. The bridge will be 836 meters long and will be standing on 288 pcs Ø1016/20 mm steel tubes in installation lengths up to 58 meters, and four of 20 foundations will be installed off-shore.



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