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Junttan’s Foundation Day Seminar


Junttan hosted its history’s first Foundation Day (Pohjarakennuspäivä) seminar on October 5th in Kuopio, Finland. The event was a success and brought together deep foundation professionals from all over Finland – and speakers also from abroad. The day’s theme and the presentations: “Piling Today and in the Future” seemed to arouse great interest and good discussions. In addition to the seminar program, the guests had a chance to take a visiting tour of the Junttan factory.

Green Transition

• Veli-Matti Uotinen from Väylä, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, opened the day with a presentation on their views on the green transition and digitalization.
• Karoliina Pesola from Junttan Oy delved into the EU Green Deal agreement and outlined Junttan’s contributions to fossil-free and zero-emission piling methods.

Digitalization, Measuring and Model-based Construction

• Mika Jaakkola from Destia Oy shared their experiences in model-based construction, emphasizing significant cost and time savings achieved through this method.
• Teemu Tapaninen of Sitowise offered insights from a designer’s viewpoint, discussing the model-based design of foundation structures within an advanced tram project, Vantaan Ratikka.
• Jean-Francois Sourdoire from Trimble introduced the audience to Trimble Groundworks, a pile positioning system compatible with Junttan rigs.
• Teemu Riihimäki, representing A-insinöörit, shared experiences from utilizing PDA measurements in determining the most suitable piles for complex ground conditions during a test piling worksite.

Worksite Safety and Changes

• Claus Østergaard, from Danish foundations contractor Per Aarsleff A/S, discussed rig and worksite safety practices, emphasizing risk prevention through education, development, and standardization.
• Raimo Isopahkala of Finnish piling contractor Niskasen Maansiirto shed light on the ever-changing dynamics on worksites, providing a glimpse into the day-to-day challenges and factors affecting operations.

Panel Discussion and Insights

Following the presentations, Miika Eskelinen from Junttan Oy moderated a panel discussion featuring Veli-Matti Uotinen (Väylä), Teemu Tapaninen (Sitowise), Raimo Isopahkala (Niskasen Maansiirto), and Ate Konkka (Junttan Oy), where they further explored the day’s topics and shared valuable insights.

The event culminated with Ilkka Brotherus, Junttan’s owner, sharing his vision for Junttan’s future.

A big thank you to all of our Junttan Foundation Day Seminar guests. We also extend our gratitude to our speakers and panelists who shared their knowledge and expertise.

“We’re grateful for the excellent turnout and positive energy at our very first seminar. Our visitors’ presence made the event a success. It was inspiring to see so many professionals from the Finnish deep foundation industry come together to learn, share insights, and connect with one another. We hope this seminar will become a Junttan tradition and will continue to drive the foundation industry forward.“ says Tommi Lehtonen, CEO, Junttan Oy.


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