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Feedback from the MPx90 Operator from Australia


Have you been wondering how would it be like to operate our Junttan MPx90 multipurpose piling rig – the biggest Junttan in the market? Or what are its’ best features? Francis Fray, who has been working for Wagstaff Piling for a year now, tells you about his experiences driving with the MPx90.

How have you liked driving the Junttan MPx90?

The MPx is a great machine to operate so smooth and quite easy to operate once you wrap your head around it.

What’s been the best feature(s)?

The best features are being able to lift the tracks off the ground with the legs so you don’t destroy the platform, it is a very sturdy machine even when jacked up or tracking on slightly uneven ground.

Is there something you dislike about driving with MPx90?

I wouldn’t change anything too drastically on it, I’m quite happy with it, and is a very well-built machine.

What type and length of piles you’ve been piling with the MPx90?

I’ve been driving 550 mm pre-cast piles between 11 m and 28 m long. Also, steel liners 1200 mm, 1500 mm, and 1800 mm in diameter up to 47 m deep.


Many thanks to Francis for his comments!


If you like to get some more information on our Junttan MPx90 multipurpose piling rig, please contact:

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