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Singapore – a Compact Island with its Unique Piling Markets


Singapore MRT project in September 2016

Singapore MRT project in September 2016

Builders in the Singaporean markets must take into account a number of constrains. The two factors impacting the most are limited construction area and noise regulations in close proximity to private properties. This results in the choice of working methods e.g. for piling projects.

The average working hours in the Singaporean construction sites are between 7.30 am and 6.30 pm explained JP Nelson. Driven piles can be used only on 1,2 km distance from residential areas. This dictates the choice of piling method automatically. In the sea jobs bore piles are used. The core issue with driven piles is the impact of soil movement in the surrounding constructions. On the other hand soil disposal land has been extremely scarce in Singapore. In year 2016 government opened up a new dumping ground allowing some cost relief to builders.

One of the key construction sites in Singapore is the MRT project. With its extensive plan to increase the length and the number of station, builders are busy getting an extensive rail system build including the world’s first four-in-one rail and bus depot. In the MRT project the DSM (deep soil mixing) piling method is the most used piling method in addition to some bore piling.

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JP Nelson: www.jpnelson.com.sg

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