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Vital to take care of your Junttan equipment due to global conditions


Taking good care of your Junttan is always important to keep your equipment in great condition. However, due to the current global conditions, it is even more important now. The world is facing a shortage of components from the supplier base. The strong positive development of our markets, combined with constrained logistics, has caused several Junttan production or stock locations to be challenged by scarcity of components. Our plant sites continue operating and we are doing everything we can to ensure full output despite the material and freight constraints.

One of our major challenges continues to be the extended lead times on transportation. The air freight market remains in a critical situation as global capacity is tight with demand back to pre-COVID-19 levels and continuing to increase as more volume is converted from ocean to air. Due to the current capacity constraints for ocean freight, many airports are experiencing terminal handling delays. The situation is not expected to be back to normal before 2022/2023. The global demand for transportation has caused sharp increases in freight rates and the outlook remains volatile.

During these times, proper maintenance is vitally important so that your Junttan equipment will remain in good operational condition. It is also important to think ahead – what is there for your Junttan fleet in the near future? To avoid unnecessary down-time(s), order the needed parts and service as soon as possible.

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