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GNG Construcoes e Comércio Ltda

Solid partnership between Junttan and GNG Construcoes e Comércio Ltda from Fortaleza, CE – Brazil

Establishing solid partnerships in Brazil involves acquiring plenty of knowledge about the markets, legislation – and the nature of doing business in general. It takes commitment and determination to be familiarised with business practices and people. It took Rogério Almeida from GNG Construcoes e Comércio Ltda from Fortaleza, CE Brazil seven years of negotiations before purchasing his first Junttan.

Rogério Almeida points out that a competent, reliable sales network is essential in ensuring smooth operations after closing the deal. Máquina Solo, the local Junttan representative, has proven credibility in providing training and field service, resulting in overall satisfaction with Junttan and followed swiftly by additional purchases.

The overall reliability of the equipment is the single most important reason to choose a certain manufacturer, in today’s unpredictable world, reminds Rogério Almeida. He sees prompt delivery times and never failing to meet GNG’s requests or needs for service or spare parts as Junttan’s strengths. Credibility is built piece by piece, and Junttan’s ability to show understanding and individual thinking has convinced Rogério Almeida that this partnership is something both parties can build on with confidence. He clearly sees that the relationship between GNG and Junttan goes beyond simple transactions. Junttan’s credibility and honesty enable Rogério Almeida to have one less thing to worry about in his daily work. Knowing that he can fully count on his piling equipment is a feeling worth building for seven years.

Interested in hearing more about Junttan and its piling equipment in the Latin American markets?

Please contact: Bruno Perez, Bruno.perez@junttan.com

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